Oct 21
Look at those ROLLS

Leto is officially off the chart. The growth charts from the doctor’s only show up to the 97th percentile. His chart printout now shows his weight dot above the highest line and says >97th. He’s a big one. That scale says 22.5lb.

Oct 21
Wow, I suck

Uploading TONS of pictures right now. Sorry for the long delay!!

Oct 8
Some snuggles

Leto still loves being worn in a baby wrap, and usually passes out within minutes.

Oct 1
Saturday morning

We’ve been meaning to walk over to the farmer’s market for weeks. I don’t know why we keep failing. But we finally made it, and I mostly have to say – I love fall. Apples, pumpkins, squash… concord grapes. Mmm. Delicious. Leto and I wandered around buying fruit and vegetables, and Felix ran around the park making friends. Sort of. And check it out – he’s finally over his weird fear of the swings!