Mar 3
First day of school for Leto. Almost made it out before the bawling.
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Mar 3
First day of school for Leto. Almost made it out before the bawling.
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Mar 3
First day of school for Leto. Almost made it out before the bawling.
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Sep 7
Felix’s first day of school!

Ready to get creeped out?? Felix started SCHOOL this week. Real school. All-day classroom of kids kind of school. Crazy.

It’s the public (state) school around the corner, but they wear uniforms. The school isn’t spectacular, but it’s pre-school and it’s fullday and it’s free, so I’m willing to give it a shot.

Felix was way too excited for proper photos, so here’s the best I could do with my phone.

Sep 4
Oof. Labor Day weekend a.k.a. Hospital Week

Leto had some sort of bite or something on his leg that got really infected really quickly. We ended up having to have him admitted into the hospital for IV antibiotics and we were stuck there for days and days – almost a week altogether. Eventually they did an incision and drained the grossness out, and once the antibiotics FINALLY started working, we got to leave (not without me having to fight a bit. Holiday weekend = NOT FUN at a hospital when you’re trying to get something done). Anyway, despite being stuck in a hospital, Leto managed to enjoy himself a bit.

Sep 2
Entertaining himself

Leto found new and interesting ways to entertain himself in the hospital…
You’ll need the volume on for this one.

Leto’s chairberries

Aug 25
Cute dental hygiene

Leto has started brushing all 8 of his teeth, standing on a stool next to Felix. These kids make tooth brushing really cute.

And then some more laundry basket pictures. I don’t know why there are so many laundry basket pictures.

Jul 30
Dinosaurs and baths

My parents took us all to the Museum of Natural History. Felix had a great time: for a three-year old, you really can’t go wrong with dinosaurs and space. Leto was mostly cranky because he missed naptime.

Best part was definitely the IMAX movie on pterodactyls. Leto was completely into it. At one point, one of the pterodactyls swooped down and caught a lizard (or something) and Leto burst into loud crazy tears. The entire audience laughed. Then, at the end, it was like “WHAM! Giant meteor kills all the dinosaurs” and Leto burst into tears again. Totally appropriate. And funny.

And then there are some post-bath pictures, because they’re also from July. There were cuter ones before they got dressed, but that’s not really a good idea.

Jul 28
6 under 6, all under one roof

The now-annual Shaw family Hilton Head trip this year was up to six kids, the oldest not-yet 6. Oof. There was a lot of crazy. There was also a pool, which made most of them really happy. You TOTALLY can’t tell from these pictures, but Felix doesn’t know how to swim yet. He used… a few flotation devices. Just a few.

My sister made the cute shirts – their ages all line up. In the summer, they’re all one year apart. We tried to get group pictures. With 6 children. In South Carolina. In July. HAHAHA.

Jun 30
Oh, look, it’s June!

So, June. It’s been ridiculously hot already. I’m sure I would have had more to say in June. Instead… pictures!

The first few are Leto trying ice cream, and the resulting awesome-face.

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