Sep 22
Technical Difficulties
Giles made me upgrade.  We all know how much I hate upgrades.  So, as usually happens when I upgrade, everything's broken and no longer works properly.  Hopefully, the galleries will be working again eventually.
Sep 22
The Odd Couple, and Assorted Felix in France
We've returned from the great wedding/honeymoon/Great Debastardiztion of 2009, and have (mostly) settled back in.  We're working on babyproofing the house (a little late) - installing doors on the bookshelves and figuring out a way to make the TV not such a giant, tempting and expensive baby hazard.  Felix spent two weeks or so with Giles's mother in France, and seems to have had a great time.  He got lots of quality time in with his cousins, including some more embarassing tub shots!  Sweet! 
Sep 12
Felix in the tub.  I'm just stockpiling embarassing photos for his teenage years, and what better place to store than them on the interweb??  Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I didn't post any with the family jewels in them.