Feb 26
S(p)itting up
Felix has this magical ability to spit up whenever I put him in the Bumbo... It doesn't matter how long it's been since his last meal, the Bumbo just triggers some sort of barf reflex in him.  Luckily, it's easily cleanable (the chair, not Felix).
Feb 25
Random cuteness
I couldn't really group these into any sort of coherent post beyond a random group of cute pictures.  I apologize for my total lack of creativity!
Feb 25
The Biggest Question of the Century
Like many of us, Felix has been wrestling with what may arguably be the biggest question of the century: pirates or ninjas?  The question remains unanswered, but it makes for cute pictures. [For the record, while ninjas and pirates are both cool, I'm pretty sure Felix prefers zombies.]
Feb 23
A New Toy!
I went and got a jumperoo to hang in the doorway, because Felix is STILL not into tummy time and I'm trying to get him off his back.  (Seriously, the poor thing is sporting the most severe mullet ever - he's rubbed off almost all the hair everywhere except his little duck tail in the back...) Anyway - the jumperoo is for babies 4 months and over, so he's just about there, but it's comically large for him.  I shoved a blanket in there to keep him from going completely sideways, and he seemed to enjoy himself!  Although, he's not so much jumping in it as just twirling.  It's still cute.
Feb 20
Small hazard
One small problem with Felix's new reaching-and-grabbing trick is that while trying to take pictures, he reaches for the camera strap.  He's got a really good grip!
Feb 20
Two’s a crowd
... at least in the Wasabi Pod Bouncer (as it will always be known).  But at least Fuzz is learning to share his favorite new bed.
Feb 18
Mmmm…. hands
Recently Felix discovered his hands - or more specifically, he's discovered that his hands are DELICIOUS.  He can't seem to grasp yet that he can't fit his whole fist in his mouth, so he just keeps trying and trying.  He's also been reaching for and grabbing toys you hold in front of his face, which he then also shoves in his mouth, often getting angry because either the toys don't fit in his mouth, or he can't fit the toys and his hands in his mouth simultaneously.
Feb 17
He’s huge!
I can't wait to see how long Felix is at his four-month appointment next week.  His legs have been exploding out of his pants lately, and seriously... look at him! He's freakishly long looking (and cute)!
Feb 14
Happy Valentine’s Day
For Valentine's Day, Felix got decked out in a Valentine's Day outfit from Grandma, and his AWESOME sock monkey slippers that match the ones that I already had (and Giles habitually stole) and the ones I got Giles so he would stop stealing mine.
Feb 12
Fancy (and Cheezy) Portraits
One of the portrait places was offering a special for babies under three months old, so I brought Felix in just before he hit the three-month mark.  The photographer was great at getting him to smile - pretty impressive since at that point he was really just getting into smiling on demand (and not just for farts). The shoot took a fantastic turn when Felix spit up all over the black backdrop.  Sweeeet.

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