Jan 31
Holy Red Cheeks, Batman
Check out these cheeks today!  Felix's pointy half molars have suddenly turned into full-blown molars (though still only three of them), and I think he's feeling it. Also, since I've gotten lectured for never appearing in any of these pictures, Felix and I cheezed it up a bit.
Jan 12
Arrr… clean me booty, matey
Pirate bath toys (thanks, Stance) + pirate towel and washcloth set (thanks, grandma and pop-pop) = obligatory pirate-themed bathtime pictures! Sadly, many of the pictures of Felix tearing around in just his towel could get me arrested in many states and I couldn't figure out how to put a censor bar in.  Sorry!
Jan 9
Box o’ Fun
Most fun box ever, apparently.
Jan 1
New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
All right, I'll admit that not one of us stayed up to see in the New Year.  Welcome to parenthood, the land of the boring...