Jul 6
Felix, meet Beach. Beach, Felix.
Happy Independance / Freedom from America Day! We took Felix to the beach yesterday.  A nice, crowded, not-so-relaxing day at Coney Island...  Felix seemed to enjoy eating sand off his pacifer and screeching in his sun-tent.  However, he was absolutely terrified of the  waves.  Since he's been enjoying splashing around in the tub (er... kitchen sink) so much, I thought he'd get a kick out of playing at the water's edge.  Nope.  He stood there staring at the water, and the first teeny tiny wave that touched him set off unhappy shrieks and lots of clinging.  He wasn't even digging the teeny tiny waves from the safe vantage point of four-feet above.  Poor thing.  I've probably traumatized him for life.  Sadly, we forgot the camera, but got a few shots on my phone.