Jan 30
Such a rollover
We've had some successful rollovers (tummy-to-back)!  He's still not consistent, and usually when I put him on his stomach he'll just sit there for a minute and then wail.  BUT, these pictures are funny because he was in a good mood, and we did some really good tummy time, and then he rolled over.  I decided I should take some pictures for the website and post them as a dramatization "before" and "after."  But I put him on his stomach for the "before" shot and before I could take it, he rolled over again.  Sweet!  So, here is a NON-dramaticized, live-action rollover.
Jan 27
Mmmm…. Toys.
Being able to hold things makes toys a lot more fun.  Here are a couple of his favorites, as of late.  And just for fun, here's also a picture of Felix trying to copp a feel...
Jan 27
Fuzz infestation
The cat's gotten a bit more... brazen with both the baby and the baby gear.  He's moved from the storage ("cat holder") section of the stroller, to sleeping in the main cabin.  Baby already on the boppy?  No problem.  Fuzz will share.  Is that Wasabi Pod Bouncer for the baby?  No, you must be mistaken, that's the CAT bouncer chair.  And that's not a rattle - it's clearly a cat toy.  At least he's not jumping in the crib to steal baby toys from the sleeping baby (yet).
Jan 27
Everyone looks cooler…
with a popped collar.
Jan 27
Super stimulation mobile
Herman and Gretchen sent over an infant stimulation mobile.  It may actually be an over-stimulation mobile.  I have to take it off the crib if I want him to sleep because he can't take his eyes off it.  I guess it's the movement + the shapes, because just the shapes in the stimulation book we have are not nearly as exciting. 
Jan 21
Happy Inauguration Day!
Felix represented in his handmade Obama-Biden '08 onesie, made by Jon at the shower. 
Jan 20
Some more pictures
Thought I might post a link to Emily's photoset of Felix on Flickr.  There are some pictures from early early on, and some from last weekend, like this adorable one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emily_huters/sets/72157609304631688/
Jan 20
Bjorn Again…
Due to his newfound head control, Felix is now allowed to face out while (or whilst, for some of our readers) riding in the Baby Bjorn.  We took him out on Sunday for a short errand trip in the chilly weather... ... and they both looked ridiculously cute.
Jan 3
Terribly Popular
We've had lots of friend visits, and I've been trying to take pictures of Felix meeting people.  I'm not too good at remembering, but here are just a few of Felix's visitors.
Jan 3
The Bugaboo stroller may not come with a cup holder, but it DOES come with a cat holder.  Who knew?

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