Jan 31
Random collection of January cuteness
Sorry - I'd rather get these all up than come up with some sort of unifying theme... so, I give you "January".
Jan 29
2 boys, 1 bath
Bath time has become substantially more fun now that they can both reasonably fend for themselves (we still watch them, just to confirm. most of the time) and have fun doing so. They are now unable to tolerate one having a bath without the other. No sooner will you have put Felix in the bath than you'll turn around to see Leto awkwardly climbing in in all his clothes, or contrariwise, Felix will be desperately trying to get his shirt over his head by himself so he can join Leto in the tub. Happy days, with bubbles.
Jan 15
New York Botanicals
The New York Botanical Garden was doing a special exhibit: their Holiday Train show, involving a half-mile of track with trains chugging around amazing little buildings and over bridges made entirely of natural materials. To cut a fairly short story even shorter, it was basically built to test the theory that one cannot give a 3-year old train obsessive a heart attack. The exhibition culminated in a stage show involving Thomas and the expression on Felix's face speaks to his complete disbelief that he was finally in his presence. OHMYGOD IT'S THOMAS.
Jan 14
Tiny Nerds Dungeon Masters
Bri cracked out one of my stocking presents this Christmas: a d20 which flashes red when you make a critical hit. Felix was delighted and kept on demanding we roll crits until eventually Bri started "getting lucky" and magically "rolling" a 20 every time. Suffice to say, we'll be packing it for our next encounter in the UK.