Feb 27
Snow-pocalypse II
Our second attempt at a good snowstorm was much more successful.  Brooklyn got pretty well dumped on, and it was a Friday, which meant a nice long weekend.
Feb 21
Cheese Face
I suppose it was only a matter of time before Felix starting doing the big, cheesy grin for the camera.  Here, he was crying and was all weepy and sad leaning on Giles.  It was cute, in this sort of pathetic way.  I got the camera out, Felix saw the camera, and then Felix cheesed it up.  And then the picture was lost.
Feb 15
Nom nom nom
Felix is doing well with food.  As long as it's meat, bread, or cheese (or covered in cheese), at least. Speaking of cheese, you may note the beginning of Cheese Face in a few of these.  You also may note the start of an expedition to Felix's brain, to be made entirely by finger.  And if you're really good, you may note that that shirt is not just a monkey shirt, but a PIRATE monkey shirt.  Somebody at Gymboree is a genius.
Feb 15
We’ll return shortly to our regularly scheduled program…
But first, a word from our pets. The second and third most-photographed beings in our apartment are the cats, Fuzz Manchu and Minerva C. Picklebottom.  Lately Fuzz has been sleeping on the back of the couch in the position we call "Supercat." Minnie (who looks almost exactly like Fuzz) is Felix's BFF.  They play together and she lets him pet her in exchange for sleeping most of the day on his changing table.  Fuzz, while most standoffish, is also more photogenic.  Apologies to Minnie for the underrepresentation here.
Feb 13
Giles 2.0
Felix is already completely obsessed with computers.  Sometimes he'll play with his own instead of pitching a fit over one of ours.   And sometimes, it's really cute. Doesn't it look like he's actually doing something with it?  He even holds the mouse correctly!
Feb 10
Snow-pocalypse I, and Snow…gurt
As much as I poke fun at the Brits and the snow, New York isn't much better.   I think this was the first "Snow-pocalypse" of 2010... Really not that much accumulation, but further south they got something like 20 inches.  All I know is that it was enough expected snow that no one went into the office and the cafeteria offered a free sandwich buffet so the cafeteria staff could go home early. Felix wasn't terribly interested in the snow.  He was a lot more concerned about getting his hands on some baby yogurt.  Every time we open the fridge he sidles in there to grab a yogurt.  He can't open it, or even really successfully feed it to himself, but he does love obtaining it.