Dec 26
A Merry Christmas (and a VERY Merry Boxing Day)
After a bit of last-minute schedule-shifting, we all headed out to Long Island for Christmas.  Felix got some more quality time in with his uncle Andrew and aunt Kristin, and even got a couple kisses from his cousin Robbie. Felix was a bit grumbly due to some... waste elimination problems, but seemed to enjoy hanging out with the family, especially in the rocking chair.  Giles and I even got a break from constant diaper changing, since there were several (strangely) willing volunteers for changing duty. You may notice there are several pictures of cats in the gallery.  Those are Jenny (who is very old) and Topher (who is very fat).  Topher used to be 33 pounds, but is now down to a comparably svelte 19 or so, and sporting some delicious headgear. As a direct result of Grandma's severe baby shopoholism, Felix now has WAY more clothing than Giles and is even giving me a run for my money (and if we only count clothes that FIT, he definitely wins).  He also scored with a giant pile of toys - which, at least until Felix masters the whole hand-control thing, Fuzz will likely get more use out of than Felix will. The next morning, Boxing Day, back at home, we all woke up to a leisurely morning and opened the presents we'd saved under the tree.  Continuing a pattern, most were for Felix.  But, Giles saved the best present for last when he proposed!  My response?  OF COURSE! (complete with verbal ALL-CAPS).  I'm not sure that Felix really appreciated the enormity of the situation, but at least he had the courtesy not to sleep through it.  :)
Dec 21
Cat torture
Fuzz has a strange habit of sleeping on the changing table. Yesterday I decided that if he wanted to be on the changing table, he should get changed. Luckily, cats and 6 week old babies are approximately the same size, so I wiggled our fuzzy friend into a baby t-shirt. He was... less than thrilled.
Dec 15
British Invasion, Parts II and III
In the next installment of meeting the family, Felix got to meet his grandpa (I hear "Pops" is the chosen title?) and Rosie, and right on their heels, his uncle James and Adam. It was a busy week! First up was a bit of mulled wine when BriAnne's parents came in on Sunday night and got to meet David and Rosie. While Felix looked rather dapper, he managed to sleep through most of the evening. Monday, we ventured out (in the ridiculously cold night) to join David and Rosie for dinner at their borrowed flat in the East Village. Once again, Felix had a good nap. Wednesday, James and Adam arrived and we all took over a big table at Schiller's: eating and drinking and generally making merry. As was quickly becoming his habit... Felix slept through it. David and Rosie headed home on Thursday. We hit up John's (or was it Joe's??) Pizza - whatever it's called, it was delicious. Felix actually didn't sleep ENTIRELY through this meal, but he made a valiant effort. On their last night before a freakishly early departure, we took James and Adam to Vatan, which has finally reopened after something like a year of renovations. We were so pleased to find the big fake tree still reigning over the dining room, and most of the characteristic India-meets-Epcot Center decor intact. The biggest change seemed to be a whole new dining area opened up upstairs, and possibly a giant Ganesh (which I don't *think* was there before, but I could be wrong). The food was still delicious, and the giant booths are fantastically baby-friendly. I will post what photos we have soon - and put out an official plea to Rosie to send over her photos! There's at least one three-generation photo from Wednesday that we don't have.
Dec 8
He’s a Growing Boy…
Felix had another pediatrician appointment, and weighed in at a respectable 9lb 6oz. He's also managed to grow 2 inches in length. What I found amusing is that he's only around the 30th percentile for weight for his age, but is at the 88th percentile for his height, and 72nd percentile for his head circumference. So, basically, he's long and skinny with a giant head (for his giant brain)! To celebrate, I made him wear leg warmers and dance around to "Fame".
Dec 7
Oh, Tannenbaum
Throwing caution to the wind (at least in connection with my pine tree allergy) we went out and bought a Christmas tree. Not just a simple matter of going to the street corner and buying a tree, the whole process involved strollering Felix and buying all the random things that (I think, at least) a proper Christmas tree requires: garland and lights, standard glass-ball ornaments, a tree topper and candy canes. We splurged a bit on the "nicer" tree breed, which is supposed to last longer and have a less pungent aroma (probably better for allergies). I liked it because it had a lovely blue color to the bottom of the pines. The heartier was a good move, since we managed to let it dry out within about 48 hours and the water level's barely moved since. What little water disappears is most likely being drunk by Fuzz and not so much by the tree... Also a good move: getting "shatterproof" fake-glass ornaments, since Fuzz's new favorite habit is tearing under the tree.
Dec 6
Big public appearance
We took Felix to Jennie and Christian's for the Second Annual Naughty or Nice Party.  He got to meet a lot of people, and got held and cuddled by all the girls (and Zach).  He even managed quite a show of the Thunder Down Under, and we had to leave eventually when we ran out of clean diapers. If you ever want to be a popular party guest, bring a tiny baby to Jennie's.  (Note: I'm not sure this would work at most other parties.)
Dec 5
Christmas Party (and my sad, sad belly)
Felix got to hang out at home with Devon while Giles and I hit up the Milbank Christmas party.  Devon got to experience the joys of the "transfer" (the surprisingly difficult movement of a once fussy, now sleeping baby from your chest to his crib without waking him (it takes quite a bit of practice to perfect)). It was nice to see so many tall, adult-like people (not to mention, drink some cocktails).  I was, however, severely disappointed to later see that all my effort with Spanx and control top pantyhose were for naught, as I still looked stupidly preggo in pictures (see facebook).  Bah! I also don't think Felix missed us much (or maybe he missed us a lot) - he spent the next four hours or so fussing like a very tiny, very mad little person.
Dec 5
Favorite Onesie
This might be my favorite onesie...
Dec 3
Felix and Fuzz Manchu
A lot of people have been asking how the cat's adapting to the baby.  Fuzz spent the first few days hiding, or slinking around, giving Felix lots of space.  That was just the first few days though.  Now Fuzz will curl up on the couch whether or not Felix is there, hang out under the bouncy chair, join Felix on the floor gym, and steal Felix's pacifiers. Has anyone noticed how similar baby toys and cat toys are?  Fuzz has.
Dec 3
British Invasion, Part I
This past weekend, Felix got to meet his grandmother - or Mamie! - and his aunt Sally.  Sally was nursing a cold, which might be how she managed to avoid the obligatory candid pictures. Sunday night Felix got a double dose of grandparent affection when BriAnne's parents came over for dinner.  After a day full of cuddling, he then spent most of the night WIDE awake, until Mamie came and gave BriAnne and Giles a break (and then Felix fell asleep...).

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