Mar 24
Trains. Trains. Trains. Maybe someday Felix will have some new hobbies to report, but that day is not today.
Mar 19
We got this for the cats to sleep on/scratch instead of our couch. Cat toy, jungle gym... same difference. cat toy 3-19
Mar 18
Giles has been taking Felix to the playground on the way home from daycare to wear him out a little. Also, because when he doesn't, Felix whines about the "whees" (slides). He's kind of funny. He goes up to random kids and says "Hi friends! Let's go!". At least he knows this girl - friend from daycare.
Mar 12
“Climbing” trees
Now that the weather is finally warming up, Felix has been out exploring Fort Greene Park. Besides lots of squirrels and "chickens" (pigeons to the rest of us) to chase, there are also loads of trees for him to climb - aka walk up while Giles lifts him. It's super cute.
Mar 9
Overkill? Maybe.
You can never have too much eye protection, can you?
Mar 1
Caped crusader?
Ah, Felix. Someday I'm going to have a hard time deciding just which embarrassing picture to show his future mate. Underwear = check. Mommy's shoes = check. Satin cape = check. Cheese face = check! cape 3-12