Jul 27
Braving the mosquitoes
We have the worst mosquitos in our backyard. Asian tiger mosquitos. They're aggressive, annoying black-and-white vampires who don't care at all if it's day or night. Anyway, the pool is fun enough to brave the mosquitoes. At least for a little while at a time.
Jul 26
Two boys on the couch
and the little one mostly looks frightened.
Jul 16
Felix’s Itsy Spider
Lyrics include: "The itsy itsy spider climbs up the rain..." Obviously. Itsy Itsy Spider
Jul 15
Felix and his personal assistant
Making some important phone calls... Important Phone Calls with Felix
Jul 11
The rest of the trip…
Sorry - apparently at some point I stopped taking tons of pictures, so the photo round-up of the rest of our trip is a bit sparse! I think these are mostly from our day in Bath. Leto got to meet his great-grandmother, and then Felix got to feed the "chickens" and ducks (using about a week's worth of Julie's bread!). We followed that up with a possibly verboten picnic in the park with Tom and Caroline. Somehow managed to take only one picture of our week with the Walmsleys! No, wait. Two. One of them is just Felix looking like he has OCD. How did that happen??
Jul 8
I finally made it to Stonehenge. One of those touristy things I've always wanted to do while in England, but the timing has never worked out. This time, we had a day to kill and it was... not on our way, but not as out of the way as usual. It was also ridiculously windy.
Jul 6
More trains
Nothing novel here. Felix likes trains. Still. But the pictures are cool.
Jul 5
Keep-in up with the Orfords
Spent the day at Orford Keep - kind of a stand-alone castle tower by Giles's dad's place. Highlight of the trip was definitely Felix as the tower-top welcome committee. When we got up to the roof, he stood by the door and said things like "Hi! Come on in!" and "Hi! What are you doing?" to everyone who came out behind us. It was funny (to us, probably annoying to everyone else).
Jul 4
Anti-Independence Day
We were on the wrong side of the pond for the Fourth of July. Not so much Independence Day over there... maybe Good Riddance Day? Anyway, we spend the day (sort of... more like an hour) at the Easton Farm Park. Felix rode a tractor that was dressed up like Thomas the Tank Engine, and that pretty much made his week. I wish we had a video to post of his bunny-petting - lots of happy squeals. Then we walked around and saw some pigs and horses, etc. He seemed to enjoy himself, and spent most of the rest of the trip pointing out pigs whenever we were in the car.
Jul 3
U-Pick, Felix eats
The sign may have said "U-Pick Strawberries" (or something to that effect), but since Felix can't yet read, he must have thought it was an all-you-can-eat strawberry buffet. He took a bite out of every single berry he picked. Thankfully the counter girl didn't seem bothered about the pint and a half of berries he ate and didn't charge us for them. I'm pretty sure his fingers are still stained red.

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