Jul 30
Dinosaurs and baths
My parents took us all to the Museum of Natural History. Felix had a great time: for a three-year old, you really can't go wrong with dinosaurs and space. Leto was mostly cranky because he missed naptime. Best part was definitely the IMAX movie on pterodactyls. Leto was completely into it. At one point, one of the pterodactyls swooped down and caught a lizard (or something) and Leto burst into loud crazy tears. The entire audience laughed. Then, at the end, it was like "WHAM! Giant meteor kills all the dinosaurs" and Leto burst into tears again. Totally appropriate. And funny. And then there are some post-bath pictures, because they're also from July. There were cuter ones before they got dressed, but that's not really a good idea.
Jul 28
6 under 6, all under one roof
The now-annual Shaw family Hilton Head trip this year was up to six kids, the oldest not-yet 6. Oof. There was a lot of crazy. There was also a pool, which made most of them really happy. You TOTALLY can't tell from these pictures, but Felix doesn't know how to swim yet. He used... a few flotation devices. Just a few. My sister made the cute shirts - their ages all line up. In the summer, they're all one year apart. We tried to get group pictures. With 6 children. In South Carolina. In July. HAHAHA.