Aug 29
Less than impressed
Leto's on to solid food. He seems less than impressed with the whole process, and ends up wearing a lot more than he's eating. At least it's not like he's starving or anything...
Aug 27
Turkey on a roll
Mr. Turkeylegs has finally started rolling over on his own. I guess it's cool it took so long... that's a lot of baby to maneuver.
Aug 23
o hai!
Seriously. This is like cartoon-cute.
Aug 14
Oh yeah, TOTALLY asleep.
Aug 12
Hilton Head 2011
Again, total picture fail. I took two pictures this whole trip - at the children's museum. I'll have to steal some from everyone else and post them later. IMG_1205IMG_1206
Aug 5
Felix in a “Snuggle Nest”
On the way down to Hilton Head, I got to spend a night in a hotel room with a very hyper Felix and a very cranky Leto. Felix finally settled down after about... two hours of jumping on the bed, in what we were calling his "Snuggle Nest". And what followed was basically the deepest sleep I've ever seen. Leto was up all night and Felix didn't even bat an eyelash. Flash photography? No problem. IMG_1203