Oct 30
At least he wore this hat… briefly
They had a Halloween party at daycare the day before Halloween.  I didn't want Felix to mess up his alligator costume before Halloween, so we put him in his pirate costume that was too big for last year (and is still too big).  He wore this hat for about 60 seconds  - about six times longer than he wore the alligator head.
Oct 25
Choo choo! Choo choo!
That's what it sounds like when we take Felix on the subway.  He stands on the platform, greeting every train that comes in with freakishly excited "choo choo!" exclamations, and then waving them all out, going, "bye-bye choo choo!  bye-bye choo choo!"  Slightly repetitive, but really cute.  Unfortunately, he gets so excited on the train that it's fairly impossible to get a good picture.
Oct 23
More fun in the park
This kid is mildly obsessed with hanging on the monkey bars at the playground.
Oct 4
Of Pumpkins and Punctuality

I'm pretty sure this has never happened before.  I am putting up a post, and NOT back-dating it to make it look like I put it up when whatever-it-was actually happened.   Enjoy it - it's unlikely to happen again.

Yesterday (like really yesterday, not fake-yesterday) we took Felix out with Grandma (Flip-Flop) and Pop-Pop to Hank's Pumpkintown for some apple picking.  The apple selection was a bit sparse, but Pumpkintown definitely lived up to its name.  There were tons of these great wooden climbing structures.  One was a giant train - Felix was in love. 

We wandered in the pumpkin patch, mostly trying to coax Felix into one of those cute sitting-on-a-pumpkin pictures (unsuccessful).  Felix and Giles took a rather cramped-looking ride around in the "wagon train", and we ended up with an actual wheel-barrow full of pumpkins and squash.  I might actually try to make a pumpkin pie completely from scratch this year. 

Oct 2
Don’t get excited…
We haven't had any luck with the potty training.  Really, what we've done is introduce Felix to a new place to sit and read... with no pants.