May 20
Felix the LOLcat
Felix is so much fun lately.  I mean, he's not fun ALL the time - he's been a pain with eating anything other than fish sticks and cheese, and sometimes he's whiney for no reason at all - but most of the time... he's just fun. He loves putting on our shoes and trying to walk around (oh!  Some news: he now has two different words for "shoe" and "sock."  Hooray!  I was starting to worry he'd spent the rest of his life calling them "shocks"... or he'd resort to wearing some weird 2-in-1 spork-like footwear).  He loves getting flipped onto the bed.  He freaks out - in a good way - whenever he hears the word bath. Anyway.  I think lately Giles and I have both been a bit smitten (when we're not frustrated at the wailing every time he derails the wooden trains).
May 17
AIDS Walk New York 2010
[Sorry, no cute baby pictures in this one.] On Sunday, Elise and I completed the New York AIDS Walk.  Six miles through Central Park and down the west side.  We (all 45,000 of us) definitely lucked out - the weather was beautiful.  About halfway (not even?) through, we walked by Elise's old apartment and got some coffee and lunch in the grocery on her old corner.  Obviously, not the most strenuous activity!  But my feet were definitely feeling it afterwards, and I was sore on Monday.  Anyway, stopping for our own refreshments at least let us skip by the water/snack stops which generally cause walking traffic jams as all the walkers tried to scramble to get some food. It was a really good time.  A big THANK YOU to all my donors.  Thanks to generous friends and family I managed to raise about $600 altogether.  Not too shabby, considering I don't think I've ever raised that much for anything ever.  The total raised was over $5.7 million. Sorry these pictures are so dorky...
May 8
Monkeying Around
It's kind of ridiculous that we've lived two blocks (well, two blocks and then a park) away from a zoo* for over a year, and we only just took Felix.  In fact, I don't even think we were the first ones to think of it for our playdate! Anyway - we had a lovely afternoon in the zoo with Steph, Navah, Dara and Sophie.  (Obviously, Felix is already quite a ladies' man.)  It was sheep shearing day, so the big bushy sheep in the farm section were getting haircuts.  Felix was a bit wary, but at least watched Giles feeding the goats and sheep.  He was more interested in the grates (as usual) than anything else.  We also saw the sea lions get fed while Felix ate a giant corn muffin in the messiest way possible, saw a bunch of monkeys and baboons, and saw a giant branch fall off a tree in the emu and kangaroo section.  Most of the pictures are from the photo-op turtle shells.  The idea is the kid crawls in and looks like a turtle.  Navah was skeptical, Sophie was having none of it, and Felix wouldn't get out of it. *I also need to point out that although the zoo is SO CLOSE, we were still super-late.  Hrm.   Someday, we will figure out how to get out the door with Felix when we're supposed to.  That may be the day we're leaving for college, but really, it will happen eventually.