Dec 25
Happy Christmas!
Recommendation to others:  overnight transatlantic flights are not fun with newly-mobile babies who are too big for the bassinet and too young to get their own seats.  NOT FUN.  After a good amount of screaming and squirming, we arrived in England to find snow.  Many of you will not understand that, apparently, 3-4 inches of snow can completely cripple the entire southern portion of England.  Also, Hertz kind of ... sucks. Anyway - Felix seemed to enjoy his first English Christmas.  He spent most of the week learning to navigate stairs (a new thing for an apartment baby!), and trailing his cousin Oscar around.  Luckily, Oscar didn't seem to mind too much. Here are a few Christmas pictures, and some (cold) Christmas afternoon beach trek pictures.
Dec 15
Merry (pre)Christmas!
Felix went to go meet Santa with his grandparents and cousin Robbie.  Robbie asked Santa for batteries, and Felix just wanted to get the hell off the creepy old guy's lap.
Dec 14
Totally unrelated, but WTF is up with that dress?  And why are they in Grand Central??


Dec 6
Our first ER trip
Felix, meet coffee table.  Coffee table, meet Felix's face. A quick trip across the street to the ER, a little medical superglue later, and Felix looks like a tiny little tough guy.
Dec 5
Zack & Zoe’s photo-booth
We went to a pot luck at Zack & Zoe's - and Zack had a photo-booth of sorts set up.  Here are some of the less embarrassing pictures.