Dec 28
Boxing Day = Blizzard Day
We're thoroughly snowed in.  I think all told, we got about 2 feet of snow.  During the blizzard, we took Felix in the backyard for some snow action (Felix hated it) and Giles managed to lose his wedding ring.  D'oh.  Hopefully when we thaw out, it'll turn up.   Some random pictures of the snow carnage, including my bus stop on the second morning.
Dec 25
Happy Christmas!
Bit of a Christmas marathon over here in our new digs.  We moved just over a week before Christmas, so the whole season snuck up on us pretty quickly.  We did manage to get our tree up and furiously buy a few presents.  Luckily, Grandma and Pop-Pop (well, Grandma) made up for any of Santa's deficits. We did Christmas Eve with Grandma, Pop-Pop, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Kristin and cousin Robbie.  Robbie was eager to help Felix figure out how to open presents, which was probably good because Felix needed a bit of training. Christmas day was just the three (and a half) of us.  I love Felix's ridiculous Christmas pajamas.
Dec 15
Moving. Again.
We're moving - again.  I couldn't face another baby with no laundry in our building, so we're moving on.  We'll be further off the beaten path (pretty far up in Fort Greene) but we have a backyard and laundry IN our apartment.  WOOOOO.  That is all.
Dec 4
I'm not sure that Felix should plan to make a career out of hair styling...