May 28
Happy Baby (VIDEO!)
Here's a link to a short video we took of Felix the other day...
May 22
New Perspective
Besides the new apartment, Felix is also enjoying a new point of view - upright!  He's managed to go from very-supported sitting to sitting on his own in about a week.  He still needs help getting up, but has gotten really good at staying there.  Even better, he (usually) doesn't cry anymore when he topples over.  He's also hanging out on his stomach a lot more, rolling all over the place, and... not quite crawling, but at least scooting... backwards.  It's pretty funny, because he'll try to move towards something and just go the wrong way.  Then he gets really frustrated and starts screaming.  Anyway, sitting up means a whole giant pile of sitting-up pictures, obviously!
May 22
Oooh… a second date!
A few weeks ago, Steph and Navah came over so that Steph could check out the new place and Felix could check out Navah.  The babies seemed to have a good time grabbing each other's faces and just hanging out.  SO CUTE.
May 4
A Visit from the Tooth Fairy
Felix had a hard time sleeping for a few days in a row.  He was a tiny bit cranky - nothing terrible really.  Then on Saturday morning I felt his gum, and it was sharp.  Felix has his first tooth! I would put up a picture, but whenever we open his mouth to even look at the tooth, he sticks his tongue over it...