Dec 30
Yup. That’s MORE snow.
We've been absolutely covered today. I think there's about a foot and a half of new snow out there now. Felix was a tiny bit overwhelmed by the snow that, on him, is waist-high, but he eventually warmed up (haha) to it.
Dec 29
A trip up memory… rail
We took Felix and Leto up the Montenvers train today. We were planning on a nice lunch at the Hotel du Montenvers and then hitting the ice grotto, which I have never seen. Unfortunately, after days of beautiful clear skies, today was a bit of a big cloudy mess. I'm certainly glad the weather for our wedding was like THIS and not like this: Despite some grumbling from Felix, and our chickening out of the 400 steps to the grotto, the trip was still fun. Felix on a train is always a good move.
Dec 28
More snow
I realize there are a lot of snow pictures on here. Sorry about that, but there's a lot of snow here and a lot of playing in the snow going on!
Dec 28
Me and my cousins and you and your cousins
Or just Felix and Leto and their cousins, really.
Dec 26
Joyeux Noel!
After two flights with two children and enough luggage to outfit a small army, we arrived in France in relatively good spirits. Felix loved the flights - especially the extra-bouncy last few minutes on our short hop between Zurich and Geneva. So far, we've had some of the loveliest weather possible - Mount Blanc has been showing off - and we've been enjoying some Copp family time with the whole gang, lots of snow and babies on skis. Expect many more pictures to follow - with my new awesome Christmas present camera!
Dec 11
Disagreeable baby
They tried to make me go to be-ed and I said "no no no (no no no no no no no)." Too soon? Seriously though. This is Leto's favorite new thing to do, and (I think, at least) it's pretty amusing. Look at the blob of drool that flings off about half way through! Comedic (liquid) gold.
Dec 10
We have lift off
He's been pulling himself up on everything he can get his dribbly hands on, creeping along the furniture, but not crawling. Until now. I mean, I guess it takes a lot of work to get those thighs moving?