Nov 20
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Apparently, I make a mean train cake, but completely suck at taking pictures of the actual party.  I'm sure there are some somewhere, but not on my camera or Giles's camera.  So... here's the cake.
Nov 13
A little announcement
Felix has a little announcement to make. In case you don't recognize it... that's the Big Brother UK Logo.  You know, because sometime around the beginning of April, he's going to be a big brother!
Nov 13
Check this out!
Found this picture in the October 18th Star Magazine.  Look familiar?? star-picture Here's a hint: img_0410
Nov 2
My name is Inigo Montoya…
And I ate your cupcake. Happy 2nd Birthday, Felix! We're not having his party until the 20th, so hopefully I'll have some good pictures for you then.
Nov 1
Happy Halloween!
I have a sneaky suspicion I already have a post with that uber-creative title.  Oh well. So, Halloween.  Felix was supposed to be an alligator.  He decided he'd rather just be a headless alligator, because he completely refused to wear the headpiece.  We took him out for a little crazy Park Slope trick-or-treating, and got a lot of "aww.... look at you, you're a lizard?  dragon?  dinosaur?"  But, no kidding, we did about one block of houses, and only went to the people actually standing outside to give out candy and he got quite a haul. Also, sidenote: white pumpkins (I believe they may actually be called "funkins"?) smell like watermelons, and may or may not rot within days of being carved.  Good to know! I'm totally proud of those little pumpkin treats: rice krispie treat pumpkins I made for Felix's daycare Halloween party.