Sep 25
Hank’s Pumpkintown, take two
Went out to Hank's Pumpkintown again. No sign of Sarah Jessica Parker. Felix was not cooperating this year on the pumpkin train ride, but he was having tons of fun on all the wooden climbing toys. I'm pretty sure his favorite game should have been called "Picking up Day Laborers". He was driving the truck, and he made everyone else sit in the back. Very forcefully. "NO, mommy. You sit back here!" and he'd drag me around to the back. Same with daddy. Grandma eventually made it into the front seat, along with some random stranger-kid. You know how it goes.
Sep 24
OK, I realize I'm making super-goofy faces in all of these, but Leto was having a ball.
Sep 20
Nerd train
Seriously. How nerdy is this train track?
Sep 20
Random cuteness
Leto hanging out on the changing table, being all cute and stuff.