Feb 26
Can’t catch me….
I'm the NINJAbreadman. Felix spent a few weeks obsessed with the Gingerbreadman, running around the house yelling "Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread boy!" I took advantage and convinced him to help make some ninjabread men. Way harder to catch than the regular gingerbread ones.
Feb 16
The New York Transit Museum is, rather like the Botanical Garden Train exhibit, tuned fairly accurately to the wavelength of Felix's brain. It's close by, but we'd go anyway since it's beautifully made (situated inside an old dis-used subway station) and perfect for an outing: full of robust trains which can't really be broken by boisterous boys, and an excellent gift shop. Next to Felix is Justin, Felix's daily playmate, with whom Felix shares common interests (to wit, trains, not sharing toys, etc.)
Feb 1
Yeah, that’s a big cardboard rocket
One of Felix's Christmas presents was this giant cardboard rocket. The idea is that it's kind of a temporary play-fort that comes with magic markers to color it in. Seemed like hours of potential fun. It was perhaps a bit TOO much fun, in that the cardboard took way too much of a beating from crazy excited boys to get much coloring done. Anyway - fun while it lasted.