Jan 30
Getting closer…
Felix is mildly obsessed with the cats lately. He's been chasing them around the house and going "I gotcha!!" when he corners an unlucky one in a closet. He thinks it's hysterical. The cats... not so much.
Jan 7
Update on the new release
Felix's little brother is still cooking. His working title is Voldemort ("he who shall not be named") because we can't decide on a name. If he comes too early his name well be Voldemort. He may be as yet nameless, but he's definitely starting to make his presence known. Here's a progress shot.
Jan 7
Only a tiny bit wrong
These are some of those pictures Felix is going to HATE later.  Oh well.  They're funny.  So this past weekend we were working on potty training, which means he was hanging out in his underpants and not much more.  At least until he decided he wanted to wear his snowboots with his underwear.   Tittering ensued.
Jan 7
The Collected Works of Felix
Seriously - this is pretty good. He wrote "A" and "B" and it's almost legible - well, the A is legible. I'm still impressed.
Jan 1
Where’s Felix?
Felix and Giles were having a jolly time in the window the other day. There's a pile of pillows there. Promise.
Jan 1
More alphabet obsession
This fridge toy was a Christmas present from cousins Cassidy and Jocelyn.  He's obsessed.  It's great for wearing him out - we sit in the other room and he'll run into the kitchen, push the button for the alphabet song, run back in to sing it with us, and then go "again!" and do it again.  Over and over and over and over.  And over.
Jan 1
Random acts of cuteness
Just because. Happy New Year!