Felix the LOLcat

Felix is so much fun lately.  I mean, he's not fun ALL the time - he's been a pain with eating anything other than fish sticks and cheese, and sometimes he's whiney for no reason at all - but most of the time... he's just fun. He loves putting on our shoes and trying to walk around (oh!  Some news: he now has two different words for "shoe" and "sock."  Hooray!  I was starting to worry he'd spent the rest of his life calling them "shocks"... or he'd resort to wearing some weird 2-in-1 spork-like footwear).  He loves getting flipped onto the bed.  He freaks out - in a good way - whenever he hears the word bath. Anyway.  I think lately Giles and I have both been a bit smitten (when we're not frustrated at the wailing every time he derails the wooden trains).

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