AIDS Walk New York 2010

[Sorry, no cute baby pictures in this one.] On Sunday, Elise and I completed the New York AIDS Walk.  Six miles through Central Park and down the west side.  We (all 45,000 of us) definitely lucked out - the weather was beautiful.  About halfway (not even?) through, we walked by Elise's old apartment and got some coffee and lunch in the grocery on her old corner.  Obviously, not the most strenuous activity!  But my feet were definitely feeling it afterwards, and I was sore on Monday.  Anyway, stopping for our own refreshments at least let us skip by the water/snack stops which generally cause walking traffic jams as all the walkers tried to scramble to get some food. It was a really good time.  A big THANK YOU to all my donors.  Thanks to generous friends and family I managed to raise about $600 altogether.  Not too shabby, considering I don't think I've ever raised that much for anything ever.  The total raised was over $5.7 million. Sorry these pictures are so dorky...

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