Of Pumpkins and Punctuality

I'm pretty sure this has never happened before.  I am putting up a post, and NOT back-dating it to make it look like I put it up when whatever-it-was actually happened.   Enjoy it - it's unlikely to happen again.

Yesterday (like really yesterday, not fake-yesterday) we took Felix out with Grandma (Flip-Flop) and Pop-Pop to Hank's Pumpkintown for some apple picking.  The apple selection was a bit sparse, but Pumpkintown definitely lived up to its name.  There were tons of these great wooden climbing structures.  One was a giant train - Felix was in love. 

We wandered in the pumpkin patch, mostly trying to coax Felix into one of those cute sitting-on-a-pumpkin pictures (unsuccessful).  Felix and Giles took a rather cramped-looking ride around in the "wagon train", and we ended up with an actual wheel-barrow full of pumpkins and squash.  I might actually try to make a pumpkin pie completely from scratch this year. 

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