A Merry Christmas (and a VERY Merry Boxing Day)

After a bit of last-minute schedule-shifting, we all headed out to Long Island for Christmas.  Felix got some more quality time in with his uncle Andrew and aunt Kristin, and even got a couple kisses from his cousin Robbie. Felix was a bit grumbly due to some... waste elimination problems, but seemed to enjoy hanging out with the family, especially in the rocking chair.  Giles and I even got a break from constant diaper changing, since there were several (strangely) willing volunteers for changing duty. You may notice there are several pictures of cats in the gallery.  Those are Jenny (who is very old) and Topher (who is very fat).  Topher used to be 33 pounds, but is now down to a comparably svelte 19 or so, and sporting some delicious headgear. As a direct result of Grandma's severe baby shopoholism, Felix now has WAY more clothing than Giles and is even giving me a run for my money (and if we only count clothes that FIT, he definitely wins).  He also scored with a giant pile of toys - which, at least until Felix masters the whole hand-control thing, Fuzz will likely get more use out of than Felix will. The next morning, Boxing Day, back at home, we all woke up to a leisurely morning and opened the presents we'd saved under the tree.  Continuing a pattern, most were for Felix.  But, Giles saved the best present for last when he proposed!  My response?  OF COURSE! (complete with verbal ALL-CAPS).  I'm not sure that Felix really appreciated the enormity of the situation, but at least he had the courtesy not to sleep through it.  :)

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