Christmas Party (and my sad, sad belly)

Felix got to hang out at home with Devon while Giles and I hit up the Milbank Christmas party.  Devon got to experience the joys of the "transfer" (the surprisingly difficult movement of a once fussy, now sleeping baby from your chest to his crib without waking him (it takes quite a bit of practice to perfect)). It was nice to see so many tall, adult-like people (not to mention, drink some cocktails).  I was, however, severely disappointed to later see that all my effort with Spanx and control top pantyhose were for naught, as I still looked stupidly preggo in pictures (see facebook).  Bah! I also don't think Felix missed us much (or maybe he missed us a lot) - he spent the next four hours or so fussing like a very tiny, very mad little person.

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  1. Devon Says:

    He was so freakin’ cute! Feel free to let me babysit whenever you need tall people time (we all know that I will be useless at the tall people thing, so the munchkin and I can stay home together).

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