Oh, Tannenbaum

Throwing caution to the wind (at least in connection with my pine tree allergy) we went out and bought a Christmas tree. Not just a simple matter of going to the street corner and buying a tree, the whole process involved strollering Felix and buying all the random things that (I think, at least) a proper Christmas tree requires: garland and lights, standard glass-ball ornaments, a tree topper and candy canes. We splurged a bit on the "nicer" tree breed, which is supposed to last longer and have a less pungent aroma (probably better for allergies). I liked it because it had a lovely blue color to the bottom of the pines. The heartier was a good move, since we managed to let it dry out within about 48 hours and the water level's barely moved since. What little water disappears is most likely being drunk by Fuzz and not so much by the tree... Also a good move: getting "shatterproof" fake-glass ornaments, since Fuzz's new favorite habit is tearing under the tree.

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