Feb 11
Check out that belly
Feb 10
Fun website
Feb 10
Love is in the Air
Felix had his first (play)date on Saturday with Navah!  Almost as soon as Steph put her down on the play mat, they were like the little love otters (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUk3T2Kfno), holding hands.  Of course, beyond the hand-holding, they mostly pretended to ignore each other.  Regardless: so cute. Thanks to Steph for the pictures!
Feb 5
I call this…
... Blue Steel. A slightly balding Blue Steel in a "suppertime" bib, but a Blue Steel nonetheless.
Feb 4
Just like Daddy
For Christmas, I got Felix his first laptop.  It may be a stuffed laptop that makes typing noises and has a fuzzy, vibrating "mouse," but it's insanely interesting for him!
Feb 4
Some random headshots and more visitors
First of all: I added new pictures to the Inaugeration Day post, so you should check those out! Here we have some assorted pictures of Felix being a ham, as well as him practicing his speed-boxing.  We also have some pictures with Laju and with Chris - who had the bad luck of meeting Cranky Felix.
Feb 4
Three months and a VIDEO!
Felix is already three months old, which is CRAZY.  Except for occasional (bowel-related) crankiness, he's a really good baby, and even lets us sleep a full, uninterrupted eight-hour stretch most nights. He's grabbing things, has discovered that his hands taste delicious, and talks to himself, us, and most inanimate objects, even if none of us understand. Last night Felix was making a totally bizarre noise, so we, of course, videotaped it and stuck it up on YouTube for your enjoyment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7jBV4uZtRw

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