Mar 20
Sunday in the Park with Felix

After our (not so) long, (and not very) harsh winter, spring has sprung and I’m pretty sure the entire borough* took to Prospect Park to celebrate.

Felix was bizarrely serious the whole afternoon, and mostly just wandered around looking vaguely pissed off.  I think maybe he prefers the snow?  At least he seemed to like Elise.

*My best guess.  Only full and accurate compliance with the national census effort currently underway will prove or disprove my guess.

Mar 20
A bit of redecoration

Taking the jungle theme one step further (too far?), I hung a bunch of vines all over Felix’s room.  Now I just need tons of tiny little monkeys.


Mar 17
A very busy wee-man

The life of a 17-month old is very busy.  Lost of important (and apparently top secret) phone calls, letters to write and pants to lose.

Mar 5

I’m glad that Felix likes riding on Giles’s shoulders more than he likes riding on mine.  His steering methods are not the most humane.  He either forcefully leads by the hair, sticks his fingers deep in Giles’s ears, or pulls him by the eyeball.  Choices, choices…