(Not-so) Merry-go-Round

We've been lucking out on weekend weather recently, and taking advantage of our proximity to Prospect Park.  Saturday we took Felix to play at one of the little playgrounds (along with 8,000 other children).  He loved the slides (again), and really got into using the stairs, as opposed to trying to go up the slide.  Still hates the swings.  I guess he didn't even stay on the swings long enough for a picture.  As soon as we put him in he just freaks out.  All the other kids are just like, "tra-la-la... swinging is fun!  Daddy, push me!" and Felix is like, "WTF is this??!  HELP ME!!!"  Poor kid.  Recess is going to suck in a few years. We also decided to take Felix on the carousal in the park.  It's apparently really old.  Awesome photo opportunity of cute, smiling baby on a fun ride.  It was even playing one of the annoying songs from his Door To Nowhere.  And he hated it.  Cried and screamed and was That Kid.  I still got some pictures.  [Side note:  there are topless ladies on the center of the carousel! ?!]

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