Happy Thanksgiving!

Felix's first Thanksgiving was pretty eventful.  We all went to BriAnne's parents' house, where the entire family was in town: all three children, with their significant others, and all three grandchildren.  Michelle, Chris and Cassidy flew up from Florida to meet Felix (and "Funkle" Giles), and Andrew, Kristin and Robbie got their frist Felix fix as well. Grandma decided she wanted a picture of all three grandchildren together, in coordinating outfits.  Unfortunately, Felix can't sit up by himself (and also seems to only have two states: sleeping and screaming), Cassidy is 6 months old and drools a lot, and Robbie is a bit too young to sit still and hold two babies for a picture.  The resulting pictures were mostly funny.  I'm not sure there were any that include all three children, sitting still, without a hand in the way. After a while day with BriAnne's family, Giles's mum and sister arrived Thursday night to meet Felix.  He's a very popular baby.

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