Agua, agua everywhere

We took Felix to the New York Aquarium this weekend, thinking that he would have a good time wandering around and looking at tons of things in water.  He definitely knows the word "FISH!" as he must have said it about.... 4300 times.  The place got pretty crowded with tons of really short people and the whole scene was a bit hyper.  After a lunch of one giant hotdog and about a cup of ketchup (which Felix ate like an italian ice.  Not kidding. Pretty nauseating!), we took him home and got a nice long nap out of him. I tried to get pictures, but hyper Felix + dark spaces = blurry pictures.  These are the best of the bunch. [Sidenote: I hate the date stamp!  Somehow it got turned on and in the one picture I really liked, it goes straight across Felix's face.  Annoying.  Worse, you can't just deselect it and make it go away.  It's embedded in the image so I had to retouch it out - which means it's not really out and there are now weird smears in the lower right hand corner of all these pictures.  GRRR.]

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