The Big 1!

After the fastest year ever, Felix turned one!  Thank you to all our friends in New York who came out to the apartment for our bigger-than-expected birthday party (and thanks to all our family and friends from further away who sent presents and cards!  I suspect Felix is about as well-stocked in toys and clothes as our apartment can handle.) It's quite possible that I had more fun than anyone else, because I got to play Martha Stewart for the big ninja-themed party: sushi cupcakes, a ninja cake (homemade buttercream!  YUM!), and chocolate ninja starts made from silicone molds I had to make myself (who knew it would be impossible to find ninja star chocolate molds?).  Anyway - FUN. We ended up with a full apartment, including a generous handful of munchkins.  Even after a brief recuperative nap, Felix bawled when put in his high chair for the cake.  Luckily, when everyone started singing happy birthday, he was really, REALLY confused and it momentarily shut him up.  Eventually, he was coaxed into trying some cake and discovered that chocolate is delicious.

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