Home sweet home

The great part about delivering at 3 minutes to midnight is that Friday counted as my first insurance-entitled hospital day and I got kicked out on Sunday. I was actually going to try to get sprung earlier than the insurance mandated stay anyway, so this just made it easier. Staying in the hospital is basically the opposite of relaxing. I don't understand why they start doing everything SO EARLY. Is there no better time to come draw blood than at 5 am when you know I delivered a baby at midnight? You don't think maybe I wanted to sleep? And maybe you could take my blood pressure and temperature at the same time, instead of waking me up again an hour later to do it at 6am. Or how about the "patient services advocate" who thought that 7 am was an appropriate time to wake me up to ask how my stay is going? I can tell you my stay would have been going better without you waking me up to ask about it! UGH. Can you tell I was itching to get out of there? So Leto and I got released on Sunday morning. PHEW.

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