A long hop across the pond

Greetings from England! We made it. Just. Really, we can't complain. Traveling cross-Atlantic with two small children is not easy - even when they're both about as good as can be. There's just SO MUCH STUFF. Two kids, suitcases, two car seats, stroller frame, diaper bag... and we were actually traveling much lighter than we would have had we not had a lot of borrowed baby gear waiting for us. Besides feeling like a pack mule, our flight from New York to London was pretty seamless. Both boys were complimented by fellow passengers on their good behavior. Not too shabby! Leto enjoyed the white noise and slept pretty much the whole flight. Felix was a tiny bit obsessed with the seatback televisions and watched the same episode of Jake and the Pirates about 4 times with no sound. Eventually he fell asleep... and then he fell off the seat. Without waking up, he slid off the front of the seat until just his head and shoulders were on the seat. Eventually, his head and shoulders followed and he barely woke up enough to get hauled back up. Even the rather stern woman next to him cracked a smile at that one. And, perhaps more importantly, despite Felix's declarations that he would not be flying on the plane because it was "too high" or the ominous and slightly worrying "going to shoot it down" statements, our plane took off and landed with no issues at all.

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